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Garlic Mustard is Here - Kill it!
You may be seeing a relatively short plant, 12-18” tall, in your yard or woodland ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm Teen Leadership Program
Do you know youth ages 13-19 interested in spending time outdoors on Tollgate Farm serving as ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm Spring/Summer Forest Therapy Series
"Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through ... read more
Novi attains 32nd Tree City USA designation, 14th ...
This City of Novi earned Tree City USA recognition for the 32nd time in 2023, due to its ... read more
Spring Wildflowers are On the Way!
With the unusually warm winter we had, spring is getting a head start, and that means some of ... read more
Vernal Pools – Nature’s Unappreciated Wetlands
Novi is blessed with some very large chunks of woodlands with varying topography. In some ... read more
Spring is for Native Plants
 Even though we’re in the middle of February, it’s not too early to start ... read more
Red-Winged Blackbirds - an Early Sound of Spring
February is here! It feels more like March, or even early April, but it’s not, so the ... read more
Be a Smart Gardener and Plant Native Plants Near ...
Plants that grow in, along, and above the water play an important role in lake ecosystems and ... read more
"Winter Tree Care and Admiration" Presentation for ...
Watch as City of Novi Forester Keith Salowich presents on winter tree topics to the Detroit ... read more
Improve your Neighborhood's Open Spaces with the ...
Many subdivisions in Novi are blessed with preserved open spaces that provide homes to ... read more
Wellness in the Winter Woods: Forest therapy is back!
Come to Tollgate Farm this Friday, December 8th, 9:30-11 am, for some wellness in the winter ... read more
Reconnect with Nature with a Forest Therapy Walk
Renew. Refresh. Reconnect with the forest. Tollgate is hosting a fall Forest Therapy walk this ... read more
Novi Christian Academy K-12th Grade Open House
 The NCA Open House will take place on October 26th from 5:30pm-7:30pm. You are cordially ... read more
Keeping trees hydrated through drought
Plants need water to survive and there’s been a historic lack of rain coming from Mother ... read more
Walled Lake Scheduled for Treatment - June 7
Please be advised that Savin Lake Services will be treating Walled Lake for Invasive aquatic ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm - Forest Therapy
MSU Tollgate Farm and Novi Community Coalition Summer Forest Therapy Series. “In every ... read more
Oakland County Native Plant Giveaway
Oakland County is hosting a Native Plant Giveaway for Oakland County residents. Native plants ... read more
Winged Wonders Birding Camp with MSU Tollgate Farm ...
MSU Tollgate Farm Winged Wonders Traveling Birding Camp Have you ever wondered about the ... read more
Wellness in the Woods Mindfulness Day at MSU ...
Wellness in the Woods Mindfulness Day at MSU Tollgate Farm April 21, 2023, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m ... read more
It's Time to Ban the Sale of Callery Pear Trees
Stinky flowers, weak wood prone to breaking apart, and poor growth form are some of the better ... read more
Recycling at Christmas Can Be Tricky
The holidays aren’t so happy in the recycling world. Workers see literally tons of stuff ... read more
Prune your Trees the Right Way!
Winter is the best time to prune your trees, when they're dormant. But, many people don' ... read more
Friends of the Rouge Winter Stonefly Search - Jan 21
Volunteers needed to help look for sensitive aquatic insects that indicate good water quality. read more
Friends of the Rouge Fall Bug Hunt Report
We are excited to share the completed report on the findings. Please take a look to see how ... read more
Autumn Leaf Drop, and Why Some Trees Don't Drop Leaves
By now, Michigan is transitioning into a winter landscape with the leaves of many trees having ... read more
Why do leaves change color in the fall
The gorgeous colors of trees in the fall is a well-known phenomenon, perfect for sight-seeing ... read more
Put away the rake, for nature's sake
When it comes to fall yard clean-up, a lazier approach can benefit your lawn, local wildlife ... read more
Explore Composting With Tollgate
 Explore Composting with Tollgate, October 30, 1-4 pm Come explore composting with ... read more
City's Invasive Species Treatments to Begin
The City of Novi, in our continuing effort to improve the conditions of our natural habitats ... read more
Preventing Deer Scrape Damage on Trees
Deer scrape season is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to protect vulnerable trees ... read more
Leaves Falling in the Summer - Tuliptree Leaf Drop
Summer is a time of gorgeous, green foliage. It is a great time to appreciate the beauty of ... read more
Household Hazardous Waste & Document Shredding 7-16
Novi is a member of RRRASOC and residents can take advantage of this free opportunity. read more
In Defense of Cottonwoods
Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) trees have long been vilified by people suffering from ... read more
Trees are for the Birds - Webinar
It’s clear that birds rely on trees and shrubs to survive. They don’t just perch on ... read more
Rotary Park Birdwatching
Since the city has been clearing the buckthorn from Rotary Park, the number of birds visiting ... read more
Grasscycling Tips, Mulching, and More!
The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the grass is growing. This also means mowing the ... read more
The birds are returning to Novi
The Red-winged blackbirds are already back. The male goldfinches are gaining their bright ... read more
Don't touch that saw! Pruning oaks now could ...
We know it’s tempting to get outside and prune everything in the yard when spring arrives ... read more
Get to know Novi's 2022 Arbor Day tree
Spring is here and Novi will once again celebrate Arbor Day on Friday, April 29, at 2 p.m. in ... read more
Go easy on the mulch this spring
Spring is slow in arriving, but thoughts of doing yardwork outdoors abound. This spring, to ... read more
Gain leadership experience at MSU Tollgate Farm
Do you know a teen 13-19 years old looking for a leadership opportunity this summer? MSU ... read more
Yard waste collection starts the week of April 4
Residents can start putting their yard waste at the curb starting on Monday, April 4. Yard ... read more
City earns 30th Tree City USA honor
Novi will celebrate three decades of Tree City USA status this year, as the City has now been ... read more
Explore Evening in the Garden May 12 with MSU Tollgate
Evenings in the Garden is a recurring lecture series on environmental and gardening topics ... read more
Sign up for your free tree seedlings from the City
Sign up to receive free tree seedlings from the City of Novi! You can help the City of ... read more
Novi celebrates 30 years of Tree City USA recognition
This year, Novi will celebrate three decades of Tree City USA status, as it’s now been ... read more
To feed or not to feed gardens - the fertilizer ...
As we approach spring, shopping aisles are lined with dozens of different fertilizers all ... read more
Plant-A-Row Garden celebrates 20 years of ...
The MSU Tollgate Farm PAR (Plant-A-Row) Garden is celebrating 20 years of community service ... read more
Starting and sustaining a backyard vegetable garden
With the recent surge of interest in home vegetable gardening, more adults, seniors, and ... read more
Sign up for MSU Tollgate Farm's Summer Camp
It's time to get outside! MSU Tollgate Farm Summer Camp Registration is now open! Give your ... read more
Salt and its impact on your landscaping
Welcome to Michigan winter. It took a while to get here, but we have a good amount of snow and ... read more
Become a Master Rain Gardner through Friends of ...
Friends of the Rouge invites community members to apply for the upcoming March 2020 Master ... read more
How to hire a legitimate forestry contractor
Hiring a specialist without specialized knowledge can be difficult. How can people feel certain ... read more
Keep an eye out for these winter shapes
It's winter in Novi, and the leaves are off the trees. If you happen to do some ... read more
Check out MSU Tollgate's Vegetable Gardening series
Looking for a special gift for that certain someone? If they love growing their own food ... read more
Maintain your trees to mitigate future risk
Trees growing around homes can beautify the landscape, boost real estate values, and reduce ... read more
Invasive species removal to start in Rotary Park
Large areas of buckthorn and other woody invasive species will be removed from two sections of ... read more
Dispose of fats, oils and grease properly
Never pour kitchen fats, oils and grease (FOG) down your sink drain. Pouring or washing FOG ... read more
Novi receives a pair of Keep Michigan Beautiful awards
Keep Michigan Beautiful, Inc. (KMB) promotes, provides education, and recognizes beautification ... read more
Make safe firewood choices to protect the places ...
This October, support Firewood Month by choosing to buy firewood where you burn it to prevent ... read more
Deer are pretty, but headaches for trees
It's early fall, and the deer mating season is fast approaching. It’s time to protect ... read more
Prepping your gardens for winter
As fall approaches, and changing tree leaves, asters, goldenrods and chrysanthemums start to ... read more
Learn about the ARC One Water Campaign
Check out the video created with the help of the SEMCOG, Southeast Michigan Council of ... read more
Keep an eye out for a changing bird population
As fall approaches, you’re going to start seeing a change in what birds are in your yard ... read more
Recycle your cartons with RRRASOC
Did you know you can recycle food and beverage cartons as part of your curbside recycling ... read more
Spotted Lanterfly on the invasive species watchlist
A destructive invasive pest is making its way toward Michigan, leaving tree dieback and sticky ... read more
Invasive European frog-bit found in Novi ponds
European frog-bit, an invasive aquatic plant, has been found in 17 stormwater ponds, wetlands ... read more
DeMaria hosts sustainability-focused event at Novi ...
DeMaria Building Company, in collaboration with DTE Energy, the Wildlife Habitat Council, Bees ... read more
Watch for gypsy moth activity in Novi
Michigan Department of Natural Resources is forecasting another bad year for gypsy moth ... read more
Help remove invasive garlic mustard, Dame's rocket ...
Woods and areas near woods are often blooming this time of year with Garlic Mustard’s ... read more
Protect your trees with a proper mulching technique
It’s spring!  Time to get to work on your garden, your yard and your trees. A common ... read more
Put your recycling knowledge to the test
A new, engaging, and interactive way to test your knowledge on whether a material can be reused ... read more
Novi earns Tree City USA status, celebrates 11th ...
Due to its urban forestry efforts in 2020, the City of Novi was recognized as a Tree City USA ... read more
Novi's woody invasive species removals
Novi has been actively working to remove trees and shrubs that have taken over some of our ... read more
Prevent girdling roots from choking out your trees
Girdling roots are roots that encircle the trunk or other roots of a tree and choke off the ... read more
Learn how to create your own Butterfly Garden
You can attract butterflies and birds in your yard without too much effort. We have created a ... read more
An informative guide to rain gardens
A Rain Garden is constructed to direct rain runoff from hard surfaces such as roofs, driveways ... read more
Lights out for birds during peak migration
Peak migration for birds is March to May and August to October from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Two ... read more
Register for MSU Tollgate's 2021 Summer CSA
What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a system where members buy shares in the ... read more
Let dead logs lie to improve woodland habitat ...
If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does its decaying wood still greatly benefit ... read more
The many benefits of Novi's urban forest
The near-40,000 trees that make up the City of Novi’s urban forest provide innumerable ... read more
Check out the Stewards Sustainability Leadership ...
So, what is this sustainability thing really all about? How do young leaders create positive ... read more
Register for MSU Tollgate's Stewards Teen ...
The Tollgate Camp Teen Steward (15-19 yrs) and Tollgate Steward-in-Training (13 ... read more
Sign up for MSU Tollgate Virtual Vet Science Series
Calling all homeschool or hybrid students in grades 4-8! Registration is now open for the ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm hosting virtual gardening series
Announcing the MSU Tollgate Farm HomeGrown Gardening Series that takes place virtually at 10 a ... read more
Keep plastic bags out of your recycling
A recent sort of RRRASOC's recycled materials showed that bagged recycling was the largest ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm lecture series on race, food and ...
As a part of MSU Tollgate Farm’s reoccurring lecture series, Evenings in the Garden, we ... read more
Residents asked to adhere to lawn watering ordinance
We appreciate the excellent cooperation our citizens have given us in the past in adhering to ... read more
Join MSU Tollgate Farm for a virtual summer adventure
Although we are deeply saddened with the idea that we won't have any campers at MSU ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm Virtual Stewards Summer ...
What is a steward? A steward is someone whose responsibility it is to take care of something ... read more
MSU Tollgate Farm Virtual Winged Wonders Specialty Camp
Are you 10-14 years old? Do you love the outdoors? Join us for a free Winged Wonders Virtual ... read more
Novi plants 125 oak saplings in three parks
As part of its bicentennial celebration, Oakland County donated 5,000 oak saplings to not-for ... read more
Protect your trees with these mulching best practices
It's that time of year again. Residents are freshening up their tree mulch, and most are ... read more
Sustainable ways to enjoy Novi Parks
Each year, the United States generates about 260 million tons of trash – that’s ... read more
Novi HOA's can treat Phragmites under City's permit
The City is now making it possible for private residents, homeowners' associations and ... read more
Nature. Nurture. Novi: The benefits of planting tress
The next Nature. Nurture. Novi program is called Spread Some Shade: The Benefits of Planting ... read more
Protect our trees by holding off on pruning oaks
Novi residents can help protect the City’s trees from the deadly oak wilt disease by ... read more
Maple tapping, pancake feast comes to MSU Tollgate
A breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup is a traditional favorite; but, usually maple syrup is ... read more
Efforts underway to control frog-bit in Novi
The Oakland County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMA) have received $205,200 ... read more