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Improve your Neighborhood's Open Spaces with the City's Help
Published: 12/15/2023
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Many subdivisions in Novi are blessed with preserved open spaces that provide homes to wildflowers, birds, toads and other wildlife, and opportunities to residents to explore. A healthy woodlot or wetland is a beautiful thing to see and visit. Unfortunately, invasive species have moved into many of them, decreasing the diversity of wildlife, and ease of enjoying the spaces.

This fall/winter, the City of Novi is offering subdivisions’ HOAs the chance to have woody invasives like buckthorn, honeysuckle and autumn olive chipped and taken away for free, if neighborhood groups will band together to do the actual removals. City staff will assist the HOAs by identifying what should be cut, and provide some training as to proper methods for removals, and the residents will do the actual removals. Invasive work days can be a fun neighborhood activity, and the entire subdivision (including your songbirds) will benefit from the results of your work. If your neighborhood might be interested, contact the City Landscape Architect, Rick Meader, at 248-735-5621 or