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Novi HOA's can treat Phragmites under City's permit
Published: 4/30/2020
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The City is now making it possible for private residents, homeowners' associations and businesses to have Phragmites treated on their property under the City's MDEGLE permit later this summer/fall.

This will make it easier and cheaper for them to have populations of the invasive Phragmites removed from their property because they won't have to get the $250 permit and won't have to report their treatments to MDEGLE. They will simply enter into their own treatment agreements with our contractor, PLM Lake and Land Management, and pay them directly. The only thing the city will require from them is a copy of their agreement so we know what treatments are being done in the City.

PLM will handle the contracts, treat their Phragmites with MDEGLE approved methods, and submit the required treatment report to MDEGLE. If interested, contact PLM directly. The contact there is Jeff Fischer. His phone number is 1-800-382-4434 x 2203 and his email address is