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Recycle your cartons with RRRASOC
Published: 8/10/2021
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Did you know you can recycle food and beverage cartons as part of your curbside recycling program? RRRASOC encourages you to take part in recycling cartons in order to continue our mission to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.
Recycling cartons helps keep our community greener by reducing landfill waste and saving energy.

This includes food and beverage cartons containing milk, OJ, soup, coconut water, almond milk and more! It’s easy and convenient — just toss your clean, dry cartons in the recycling bin with your recyclables. Don’t forget to remove and throw away any caps or straws! Once recycled, the cartons become material that can then be used to create new products we use every day, including paper towels, tissue, writing paper, and building materials.

Some Common FAQ's About Cartons:
What makes cartons recyclable?
Cartons are primarily made of paper with a thin layer of polyethylene (plastic) - all recyclable components! 

Should I flatten my cartons before recycling them?
No, you should not flatten your cartons. They can be sorted more efficiently at the Materials Recovery Facility in their 3D form, as they are more recognizable that way. 

Is it really that easy to recycle cartons?
Yes! Just rinse, dry and drop into your recycling bin! However, remember to remove the caps and straws, and make sure the cartons are loose with the rest of your recyclables.

Some cartons may deceive you...
Just because they have "carton" in the name, that doesn't mean every carton is recyclable. Some packaging may contain materials that make it non-recyclable. Take ice cream and Goldfish cartons, for example - both have coatings that cannot be separated from the paper by the processors and thus should not be put with other cartons in your recycling bin.

Visit for more information regarding what you should be putting in your recycle bin.