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Rotary Park Maintenance Starting Jul 17
Published: 7/17/2023
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A contractor of Oakland County Parks will be working in Rotary Park the week of July 17 to remove woody invasive trees (primarily buckthorn) in the area highlighted in orange on the attached map.  Power saws will be used, but no mower-type machinery since it’s all on the east side of the stream.  They will not be encroaching on adjacent property but will be working up to the park boundary line.  The trees will be cut down close to the ground and the cut material will be left lying in place.  As has been the case with the rest of the park, no animals will be injured in the process, and they are likely to return to the area when the work is complete.  This is being done to improve the natural habitat of the park for wildlife use and human enjoyment of the park.  Past work efforts have resulted in enhanced beauty of the park, increased the use of the park by birds, butterflies and pollinators, and have increased the food available for the local deer population as they rarely eat buckthorn.