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Mayor Gatt challenges all residents to stay home
Published: 4/3/2020
Mayor Bob Gatt has an important message for all residents as the spread of the coronavirus begins to take its toll on Novi. 

The full transcript of the video is below:
Throughout the history of Novi, we have always been known for our resiliency, our resolve, and our commitment to looking out for each other and keeping one another safe.

Today, we face an unprecedented enemy like never before. An enemy we can't see and one which has already taken the lives of thousands of Americans across our great nation. I challenge every person calling Novi their home to work together to stop this dangerous virus.

The data we are seeing is not good. It's showing the coronavirus spreading and Novi's numbers are continuing to grow. This is our responsibility as one Novi to help stop this deadly virus in its tracks. We must do everything we can to protect our neighbors, our friends, and our families to defeat this enemy.

As your mayor, I am challenging everyone to do their part and I am asking you to challenge those around you to stay home, stay safe, and to save lives. There's a reason our governor has closed non-essential businesses. A reason why she has directed everyone to stay home. It's because the only way we can beat this is by staying home.

I know you miss your extended family, I know you want to visit friends. Your children yearn for play dates, but you simply must not. I implore you to do your part to help stop this disease.

The only trips outside the home should be for essential items. Let's show everyone what Novi is made of. Let's keep those numbers down.

Stay home, stay safe, save lives.

This is a generation defining moment, and one which will test our resolve and our will. Together, we will meet this moment and come out of it stronger than ever.

God bless and remember, we, Novi, are all in this together as one.

Stay home, stay safe, save lives.