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Math Monster - A New Mathematics App Developed by Krithin Bheemeneni
Published: 1/1/2024
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Novi Teen Creates Video Game to Change Attitudes Towards Learning

In Novi, Michigan, Krithin Bheemineni (17), is tackling student disengagement in math education through innovative means. Krithin, a self-taught C# programmer, has developed a math learning game to fight a battle against the dull, lack of excitement in learning. "This game is about making math fun and accessible," says Krithin. "I realized that after Covid, many students feel disconnected from traditional teaching methods, so I used coding to make a difference." Krithin's journey began with a deep dive into C# and game design techniques, leading to the creation of a game that integrates math problems into an engaging virtual environment. The game, called Math Monster, incorporates a beat-the-timer system to up the intensity and attachment students have to the game. Krithin explains that as soon as he mentioned gaming during one of his tutoring sessions, his kids’ heads turned. Krithin reported a 30% increase in scores on a diagnostic exam among students who played the game. "It's not just about learning math, it's about loving it," Krithin adds, emphasizing his mission to transform the educational experience. The success of Krithin's game is a testament to his dedication and innovative approach to learning. His efforts are a shining example for students and educators alike, showing that with passion and creativity, significant educational challenges can be overcome.

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