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LJPSoccer shares their love for soccer with local youth
Published: 9/12/2023
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Summer vacation has always been a time of happiness and fun; a time to spend with friends and pursue passions. Summertime is also the perfect time to play soccer with friends and family. This certainly was the case for the children on the Michigan New Century Chinese School summer soccer team. This year, however, the team was running short of staff, but luckily Novi High School senior, co-founder and Coaching Director of Love Joy Passion Soccer (LJPSoccer), Patrick Li had a solution.
From early July to late August, volunteers from LJPSoccer were hard-at-work making it possible for the local kids. Patrick Li, Allen Lin, Ray Sun, Vallerie Sun, Jason Lin, Alex Mui, Samantha Zhu and Andy Feng were among the volunteers that helped achieve this goal. They organized six teams, separated by age and used their own soccer equipment to make it all possible for the children to continue their pursuit for their love of the sport.
Coaches hosted practices at the City of Novi's ITC park. Coaches used a variety of activities and drills to help the players build techniques on dribbling, passing and shooting. They also held scrimmages between campers and coaches to apply the skills and techniques.

Thanks to the volunteers at the LJPSoccer camp, the children could enjoy a good game of soccer every week.

LJPsoccer is a Novi-based nonprofit organization started in 2021 by a group of high school students. Their mission is to give young children in our community the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer with the core values of Love, Joy, and Passion. For more information, go to or email