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Harwell named Public Safety Employee of the Month
Published: 7/1/2020
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Novi Police Officer Alisa Harwell was recognized as the May 2020 Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month for the compassion she showed an elderly resident while out on a call.

On May 18, 2020, Officers Harwell and Jacob Roberts were dispatched to an address on Arro Street to check on the welfare of an elderly male who was wheelchair bound. The caller reported that her brother always calls her when he arrives home from his dialysis appointment and he did not that day.

Officers made contact with resident, who was in a wheelchair and stated that he could not answer his sister’s calls because he couldn’t get to his phone. Officer Harwell took the time to talk with him and determine how he was doing. It was noted that the resident’s kitchen was messy with trash, dirty dishes, and food. Officer Harwell offered and was permitted by the resident to clean up the kitchen.

After assisting him out of his wheelchair and onto a more comfortable chair, Officer Harwell proceeded to clean up trash, food scraps, the counter, and crumbs from the floor. Furthermore Officer Harwell, with permission, prepared dinner (soup) for the resident. It was clear that the resident had mobility issues and needed the extra help. Officer Harwell without hesitation took action and went above and beyond. When being thanked by the resident, Harwell said that she assisted because she would want the same for her family members.

Officer Harwell is to be commended for her compassion and kindness that she showed an elderly resident in need. This is not uncommon for Officer Harwell as she routinely takes the time to assist residents and her co-workers when the need arises. She sets a strong example for those around her of the type of service that the Novi Police Department is known for.