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Drop-off available for Household Hazardous Waste
Published: 5/20/2020
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Novi residents can now drop-off Household Hazardous Waste at ERG Environmental Services in Livonia on non-event days without a fee.

As of June 1, ERG Environmental Services, located at 13040 Merriman Road, will be open Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9am-5pm and Tuesday & Thursday from 9am-7pm. 
They have instituted a no-touch receiving protocol that allows them to safely receive HHW from residents while still observing social distancing recommendations (this has actually been in effect since the state of emergency was originally declared by the Governor). Specific instructions on drop off procedures are posted on their receiving door for residents to read and follow.

To confirm drop-off times and/or to schedule a pickup, please contact:
ERG Environmental Services
13040 Merriman Road, Livonia

What is HHW?
Household Hazardous Waste (commonly referred to as HHW) includes a variety of everyday household items, such as cleaners, paints, herbicides, insecticides, and solvents that exhibit the characteristics of regulated hazardous waste. Regulated hazardous waste means items that are flammable, combustible, corrosive, reactive or toxic and would be harmful to the environment if thrown into a regular landfill.

HHW isn’t considered waste until you need to dispose of the items. If you are unsure if an item is hazardous, first check the products label. Warnings such as “poison or toxic”, “flammable or ignitable”, “corrosive” indicate a HHW item. Cleaners that contain strong acids, bleach or ammonia are also hazardous. Check here for examples of household hazardous waste accepted onsite at RRRASOC HHW events.

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