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City leaders pleased with citizen survey results
Published: 3/22/2021
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It’s one thing for City Officials to proclaim Novi the greatest city in all of Michigan…if not the entire United States. But it’s quite another when the residents affirm it in the form of high survey marks for Novi as a place to live (96%), the quality of life here (95%) and how safe they feel (97%).

Since 2006, the City of Novi has contracted with the National Research Center to perform a Citizen Survey. The statistically valid survey provides an opportunity to connect with community members and gain a better understanding of opinions on City services and the perceptions of quality of life. Those results are then used to identify challenges and plan for improvements to sustain services and amenities for long-term success.

The most recent survey was conducted in the fall and the results were presented to the City Council in March. Mayor Bob Gatt said he is extremely appreciative of the honesty shown in the survey and is focused on continuing to find ways to improve the areas where residents are looking for more.

“The people who live here are who make Novi truly great,” he said. “Their opinions matter and we are going to take this information and use it to continue provide them with the very best services and experiences.”

Nearly all residents surveyed reported feeling very or somewhat safe, with their overall feeling of safety and safety from property or violent crime being higher in Novi than in comparison communities. The overall feeling of safety was 97% (up 1.3% from 2018) and 99% reported feeling safe in their neighborhoods during the day.

Speaking of neighborhoods, 80% claimed residents were made to feel welcome, 86% said the City does a good job attracting people from diverse backgrounds and making them feel valued and respected, and 77% said there was openness and acceptance of the community toward people of diverse backgrounds. These responses are all much higher than the national benchmark, but Mayor Gatt still sees room to improve.

“We are proud of our reputation as a place that celebrates and welcomes diversity and is seen as a hub for global citizens and businesses,” he said. “Our international relationships mean a great deal to us and it is our goal to continue to foster a thriving multicultural environment by learning from each other."

On the local government side of things, treating residents with respect (84%) and treating all residents fairly (79% up 5.3%) were among the highest rated. When compared to the 2018 survey, the local government generally acting in the best interest of the community was given a higher rating in 2020, up 7% to 73%. Being
honest was up 5.5% to 74% and the overall direction that Novi is taking was up 4.9% to 72%.

These survey results are just one tool in the toolbox as Novi continues to move forward, adapt to the times, and enhance its reputation as premiere place to live and work. Mayor Gatt, who has four-plus decades of Novi history in his back pocket, said he is proud of where Novi has come and is excited about being part of shaping
the future.

To view the survey in its entirety, visit