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Coming To America-
Food For Thought

March 2005
by Bernie Fratto

Moe Leon cooks up Sunday brunchMoe Leon is truly a humble, gracious man. As the owner/operator of “Moe’s on Ten,” located on Ten Mile Road in Novi, he works almost 100 hours per week to ensure the highest quality for his customers, and the most pleasant working conditions for his employees.

Moe’s on Ten is an elegant seafood restaurant, and it was rated 4 Stars by the Metro Times and 3 ½ stars by the Detroit Free Press and the Oakland Press. It is one of 2 eating establishments owned by Moe Leon… The other restaurant, Leon's Grill, is in Wixom and is located on Wixom Road.

Moe Leon is an American success story, and is living proof that the American dream is alive and well. He arrived in the United States in 1978, and this has become home to his wife of 20 years and his 5 children.

Growing up Syria, Moe believed strongly in education, and upon his arrival in the U.S., he enrolled at Lawrence Tech University.  His goal was to become a Construction engineer.  Moe worked hard in the classroom, and he worked just as hard outside the classroom, as he gained valuable experience and learned the restaurant trade while he was employed at the Big Boy Restaurant on Novi Road.

He also used this opportunity to subsidize his college tuition. But once he learned the restaurant business, he was off and running.  All you need to do is take one look at Moe’s On Ten to see a real masterpiece. In fact, Moe’s on Ten might be the best-kept secret in Novi Michigan… but now the secret is out!

The motto is simple; ”One bite and your hooked!” As you enter from the west side of the building, the décor is stylish and elegant, and the lighting and furniture offer an extremely comfortable environment for dining.

You are immediately greeted in a friendly and personal manner, and escorted to a table or booth, where your favorite beverage, and water are quickly served along with a basket of rolls. The rolls have a distinctly flavorful appeal, and offer a nice departure from typical dinner rolls you might be used to… You just sat down, and already your taste buds on off on an exciting ride!

The entrée menu offers just about any kind of seafood your heart desires, and each dish is prepared with exquisite care and served in a very esthetic arrangement. There are plenty of choices in side dishes including potatoes, rice, etc., and the salads are fresh and bursting with flavor. Try the ‘green goddess’ dressing and your mouth will jump for joy. By the way the seafood is seasoned and prepared just right, and goes down in the most light and airy manner. Moe’s on Ten will satisfy even the most discriminating palate, making the dining experience a most pleasurable one.

But wait, there’s also a dessert tray that will make your eyes bulge
(try the heated apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top!). Unbelievable. And while you’re at it don’t forget the cheesecake, chocolate desserts or the world famous Carrot Cake! … All homemade of course!

The truth is, the restaurant “has become of a part of me,” Moe Leon relates. He likes to see the faces of people happy. He loves satisfied customers, and employees that are content. And he would know what that takes. He sees 400 people per day walk through his front door.

By the way, don’t forget Sunday. “Sunday is a special day,” Moe added. “It’s great to see families coming in from church that are sitting down at a meal together.”

Sunday’s are a special treat at Moe’s on Ten. The Sunday Brunch offers made to order omelets, as well as waffles, potatoes, fruits, eggs, and a whole assortment of pastries. All are fresh, and all are prepared with love and great artistry.

A lot has happened since Moe Leon arrived in the United States in 1978. And a lot has happened since Moe Leon opened his first restaurant in 1982.

But one thing has remained the same. Moe Leon has a love for people and a love for taking care of our culinary needs. It’s a true labor of love and a perfect match for everyone.

Step into Moe’s on Ten, and treat yourself to an outstanding dining experience. In doing so, you’ll know everything you need to know about Moe Leon…

Passion. Humility. Professionalism. Grace. And he’s a really nice guy, too.

In fact, you can tell him yourself. When you step into Moe’s on Ten - you’ll see that Moe is always there. The American Dream is alive and well, and Moe Leon is living proof. So is his masterpiece that is known as “Moe’s on Ten.”

“Moe’s on Ten” is the best-kept secret in Novi…

Now, the secret is out!


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