The People's Editorials

A Year in Novi - 2010, and
our Person of the Year

December 30, 2010

It's been another busy and productive year, and Novi has weathered the economic storm well. The City is in sound shape. It's a safe city with great schools, shopping, restaurants and more.

In our opinion, here's 2010 in a nutshell...

Person of the Year: Bob Gatt, Novi Mayor Pro-Tem and retired long-time Novi police officer. Gatt has served the People for nearly four decades now. He knows Novi, and what's best for the City and the People too. We're pleased he's still working hard to make Novi a great city.

Business Leader of the Year: Jean Meyer, President of Novi's Providence Park Hospital. She's growing Novi's two year-old, premier hospital while ensuring top-notch health care for area residents.

Donation of the Year: Novi based ITC donates a cool million to The Henry Ford (museum) to rewire the decades-old place. That should keep things shining for many more years to come.

Dumb Criminal of the Year: Novi teacher Tom Peronis stole money from his own elementary school. Can someone please loan this guy a couple bucks for lunch?

Dumb Idea of the Year: Allowing alcohol to be served at the Novi Public Library and Novi Civic Center. Seriously?

Firefighter of the Year: Wassim Farah is a dedicated and hard working firefighter / EMT. One of Novi's best, and one of those guys you want around when there's real trouble.

Good News of the Year: Novi secures a grant to develop the Landings property into a nice new park.

In Remembrance: Novi resident Ernie Harwell passes at age 92. Probably the most beloved figure in Novi's history, and Michigan's history too!

Loser of the Year: Charles Rogers was busted for (very) drunk driving, and managed to immediately screw up again in an even worse way.

New Business of the Year: Bagger Dave's. An old fashioned hamburger place that's down-right fun to dine at. They are also strong supporters of the Novi Wildcats, which is always a good thing!

Police Officer of the Year: Lt. Jerrod Hart, a cop who is very good at what he does. He's dedicated, and very hard working too. Lt. Hart is one of the reasons that Novi is consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the nation.

Public Servant of the Year: Rob Hayes, Novi's Public Services Director and City Engineer. Hayes is one of those people who quietly goes about their job and gets things done. And he's one of those people who really knows what he's doing too.

Unsung Hero of the Year: David Staudt, Novi City Councilmember, and a member of more committees and organizations that we can name. He consistently works behind the scenes to make things happen in and around Novi, and deserves everyone's thanks for all he does.

Waste of Taxpayer's Money: The City of Novi lays off many during the past couple years, and then hires a new Assistant City Manager - a guy who in our opinion doesn't have the necessary experience for the job to begin with.

Winner of the Year: Jason Manar, a newcomer to Novi politics, is elected to Novi's School Board in a very well run campaign. Welcome aboard, Jason!

2011 looks to be a very interesting and exciting year for the People of Novi. Have a safe and happy New Year and we'll see you back here soon.

The Novi Information Network